How to Improve IVF Outcome

How can I improve IVF results?

Modern medicine is constantly developing, huge resources into new products and technologies are invested to fight various diseases. Constantly there are new opportunities to study and cure serious diseases, with which doctors unsuccessfully struggled until recently. Reproduction is not an exception. It is very important to introduce new scientific achievements, as well as constant training of doctors and embryologists.

With the help of new technologies experts have learned to selected reproductive cells choosing the highest quality, thereby increasing the chance of pregnancy.

Modern methods of cryopreservation (vitrification) allow to delay motherhood and fatherhood as for social reasons, as for patients who faced with cancer.

There are created different environments, synthesized more effective medicines and new methods of treatment, increases the probability of a better result in infertility treatment.

With the latest achievements in the field of reproductology people can get a chance to gain long-awaited happiness - to become parents.

How can I improve IVF results?

What methods helps to improve IVF results? Cult-Active. It is an innovative method that is used in order to activate egg after fertilization. A small amount of fertilized cells indicates that eggs are immature. Protein contained in sperm starts the activation of the egg. Upon cultivation of the egg occurs a rapid increase in intracellular calcium concentration. EmbryoGen. Until recently it was...

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