Reproductive Tissue Bank

Date: 19.10.2015

Reproductive Tissue Bank
Why is necessary to create Reproductive Tissue Bank?

In the cycle of infertility treatment, several eggs can be fertilized from which the embryos are created. Typically, one or two embryos are introduced into the uterus, and the remaining are sent to freezing. The embryos can be safely stored in Reproductive Tissue Bank, waiting for the next embryo transfer. When the couple will plan another child, the embryos will be thawed and transferred into the uterus of the patient, making it easier cycle of IVF, because there is no need to make ovarian stimulation and puncture.

The need to preserve their own genetic material - eggs or sperm - can occur in patients who are planning the treatment of cancer or other serious diseases. After the treatment of such diseases, there is a huge risk to face the problem of infertility for both women and men.

The decision to freeze and store their own reproductive cells in Reproductive Tissue Bank can also take healthy people who are not currently planning to become parents, but want to exclude infertility at that moment when the pregnancy would be desirable.








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